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To Click or Not to Click, that is the Question

Posted on 09/23/09 12 Comments The precision of a clicker was needed when teaching Twister how to "pray."

 One of the things I am asked about by newcomers to our program is why we do not use a clicker very much. After-all, my website is www.clickerdogs.com you know!  Since I registered that website ten or more years ago my training has evolved quite a bit. Possibly if I had register my website today […]

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World Championship Wrap Up

Posted on 09/21/09 26 Comments Team picture at the venue in Dornbirn

I am sitting at the airport Monday morning waiting to board our plane back home. Our 2nd FCI Championship experience is over. I will post some of my runs later but unfortunately I haven’t been able to see my last run as it was accidentally not recorded with my camera. No medals to come home […]

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FCI Worlds Championships Start Today!

Posted on 09/18/09 5 Comments

To honour of all of my awesome teammates rockin’ it at the FCI World Championships in Dornbirn, Austria this weekend I thought I would post this awesome video. Thanks Kim for sending it my way. Even if you aren’t Canadian, I think you will find it is a fun video.  The championships start today G-O-Canada […]

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Who’s Shaping Me?

Posted on 09/17/09 22 Comments Twister (1992-2008) working her chair routine

Isn’t it funny how all of these posts on dogs shaping people have ended up having picture of a terrier with them. And not coincidentally many of your comments are about Jack Russell Terriers! Hmm, yes indeed Terriers are just masterful at shaping their people. It is because they are so brilliant and have a tenacity that […]

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Who’s Shaping Who?

Posted on 09/15/09 15 Comments Who really is shaping who here? That is what 9 week old DeCaff was asking.

It is fascinating to me how this shaping stuff works. Here we have one animal (ideally you) providing reinforcement  in order to get another animal (say your dog) to do what you want him to do. Shaping really works. Why? Because reinforcement builds behaviour.  But what I have come to notice that there is more […]

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Final Touches

Posted on 09/11/09 27 Comments Encore at 5 weeks of age already owned my heart.

Well, Encore and I leave on Sunday for the World Championships in Austria. I have chosen to drive to Montreal in order to get a direct flight for her. I really prefer when flying such a long distance that my dog has no plane transfer to endure (especially if it is in a city that […]

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Wild and Crazy Dogs!

Posted on 09/10/09 11 Comments The eyes told it all about then 7 week old Buzzy.

Yesterday I wrote a post for a clicker list in response to a question to helping out-of-control dogs. I decided this post needed to be shared with all of you that may not be on that list because it is highlits tons of resources to help anyone create harmony with their high drive dog. Out […]

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Uses for Your Retired Ball Launcher

Posted on 09/09/09 6 Comments decaf-fly2

Since posting about potential injurious nature of some  retreive games I have had many of you let me know you no longer will be playing the game of “Fetch-it” the same way you previously did with your dog. That is awesome. But now you have no use for those long handled ball launching devises (I […]

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Profound Thinking at Skills Camp

Posted on 09/08/09 21 Comments Michel & Pfeffer playing at skills camp.

We had another great group in for skills camp this weekend. Lots of pivotal break throughs for many campers. We had some extremely experienced students and some brand new ones but all really nice people, so it makes teaching almost effortless. My staff were as always, brilliant. At one point during a discussion on building […]

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Contact & Directional Questions Answered

Posted on 09/07/09 No Comments DSC_24100_smaller

Over the past couple of weeks I have had a few questions come in about my contacts, so here are some answers for you all 1) My “Swing ” cue means “turn away from me” it does not necessarily mean turn left. As a matter of fact if you review the video from the post […]

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