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Dog Training in Agility: What We Do For Love

Posted on 02/17/16 29 Comments

One of my online students challenged me recently. She is a highly successful agility competitor in the United States. She has been a student on Handling360 since the beginning. She said to me last week “why do you not stress the dog training part of your program? It is the main reason I follow what […]

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The Two Sides of Dog Training: The Right and the Wrong Way

Posted on 09/05/13 76 Comments

Big decisions in life (which result in a dramatic turn either left or right) are made by weighing the pros and cons of either direction. Nobody confidently steps away from the direction they feel is the right way. So we have to assume each of us has some level of certainty when making decisions in […]

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Respecting the Value

Posted on 01/19/11 29 Comments

While writing my last post about value building in Crate Games I was reminded of a post I answered about using a food toy such as the Tug It toy or other container with food in it. One reader on a forum asked; Why not just throw the toy on the reward line and then […]

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Exactly Where You Should Be

Posted on 04/12/10 15 Comments

Reinforcement based training takes a hit when people on the outside see it fail. That is the truth with any systematic way of training. Critics use those that have little success as a warning sign of impeding doom to any that would attempt to train using similar methodology.  There are so many people wanting to […]

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Who Drives Your Bus?

Posted on 04/08/10 23 Comments

So why do I believe it is easier for me to get control of a dog when in the presence of their highest value rewards than it may be for some of you? It is because that is the only life my dogs have ever known. I create that environment the first day I get […]

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Birds, Sheep, Rats and other Out of Control Rewards

Posted on 04/07/10 12 Comments Bob working at one of our Say Yes Chicken Camps many years ago.

Last week during our discussion of training methodology several of you wrote in with the same concern (and I’m certain there where several more of you that sat in silent wonder in front of your computer screen).  The question is, can you control your dog’s highest reinforcement if this reinforcement is out of your control […]

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Punishment: Pros and Cons

Posted on 04/02/10 16 Comments

Some great comments from yesterday’s post. Here is the kicker though, not all dogs that are trained with positive punishment will cower in fear or tuck their tail oreven dislike training.  The truth is, a very skill trainer that has brilliant timing can produce a seemingly happy working dog while using some pretty massive doses […]

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Are You Loved By A Wiener?

Posted on 03/04/09 27 Comments

While away teaching during this past week I had more than one student question the need to reward their dog with anything other than praise. One woman argued her case by saying “I want my dog to love me more than a wiener.” My immediately thought was how strange that you are loved by …

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