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Successes All Around

Posted on 06/19/11 13 Comments

Moving into our last day of Critical Elements camp, I am a little sad to see it all end. It is so much fun being a student and we have such a great group of students — we are all accomplishing a ton. Of the four goals I laid out for Swagger and I before […]

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Critical Elements for Swagger & Raven

Posted on 06/16/11 26 Comments

Very exciting day. Tomorrow 4 1/2 month old Swagger and his cousin Raven start their first ever “Advances in Dog Training” and “Critical Elements course (formerly known as puppy camp). I am certain neither puppy will have any issue with the skills required (we both have an advantage here) but it is the environment with […]

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Back in the Saddle

Posted on 12/21/09 14 Comments Course walking

After the week with Tony Robbins I taught a small group of handlers for three days in the Phoenix area. It was not an advertised seminar, since I am supposed to be on hiatus from teaching seminars right now. So it was a relatively small group, but very enthusiastic one! It was great to be […]

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What To Do, What To Do . . .

Posted on 10/14/09 22 Comments Christmas Card mid

Those words should never be uttered out of anyone’s mouth once we get this monster list of rolling. Don’t be shy there are no wrong answers. What do you do with your puppy?  What skills do you teach your young dog. I don’t mean tricks (although if you have any tricks to add, check and […]

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While Waiting Until He Grows Up . . .

Posted on 10/13/09 35 Comments Feature playing sit-stay games with distractions at 18 weeks.

To follow up on a post from last week, I want to clear up any misunderstandings, I am not suggesting you wait until your dog is three or four years old before you start trialing him in agility.  Of my last three dogs, two of them where in the ring at 18 months and the […]

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Just Because They Can, Doesn’t Make it Right

Posted on 10/09/09 35 Comments Feature at her breeder

Last night Lynda (my friend and one our very capable Say Yes instructors) and I were on our way to a trial in Memphis, Tn. While driving, we had a discussion that made me think about a few tales I have been told recently (I don’t mean tales as in lies but as in stories […]

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Puppy Camp Success

Posted on 08/31/09 5 Comments 9wkcutie_3

Another puppy camp has been put to bed. What fun! It was all I thought it would be and more. Fun puppies and great students, I mean they really embraced the program. More energy by the last day on Sunday, then even the first day Friday! Seems that puppy camp keeps evolving away from strictly […]

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Belly Laughs

Posted on 08/28/09 5 Comments

Today is first day of another puppy camp. I am extra excited since 19 of the 24 puppies are less than 6 month old. Little sponges at this age, really. It is amazing how much faster you can teach key dog training concepts when there is little to no history of inappropriate, competing reinforcement …

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Another Rockin' Puppy Camp

Posted on 04/16/09 13 Comments

Well puppy camp was once again a blast. I was very impressed with the way the campers all were able to create focus and drive in some pretty young puppies. The key was “fast and fun” transitions. From the crate to work and back to the crate, including balance breaks (yes that is correct all […]

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Calling all Say Yes Puppy Camp Alumni

Posted on 03/11/09 29 Comments

Yesterday  in the comments section, Jason was looking for some compelling reasons to come to puppy camp.  By now you all know how passionate I feel about focusing on the skills to turn your puppy into a great family pet and how that foundation helps to crate a phenomenal agility dog.  Personally I think if […]

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