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International Agility Championship . . . The First Time All Over Again

Posted on 05/23/13 30 Comments Susan Garrett trip to WAO - Aqueduct in Segovia

I just got home from my participating in my second WAO (World Agility Open) event held in Oviedo, Spain. Some consider this one of the four “world championship” type agility events; FCI in October, European Open in July, WAO in May and IFCS held every other year. This is my second year competing at WAO […]

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Swagger Back in the Saddle!

Posted on 11/24/12 8 Comments

Well after the past few months focusing entirely on Feature’s agility Swagger finally got his turn. This weekend I decided to enter a trial north of Toronto. This is Swagger’s first time at a trial in 3 months. I actually only put him back on contacts just over 3 weeks ago. So this trial is […]

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A Chat With the World’s Best in Dog Agility: Take One

Posted on 11/15/12 48 Comments

The year’s FCI world championships were such an amazing event for me. John and I had a little vacation with our friends Martina & Carlo (ok mostly it was Martina and I talking about dogs). We did some sightseeing,  I did some shopping and then the actual agility event was amazing. Due to the way […]

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Protecting What is Important to Your Dog Agility Career

Posted on 07/26/12 20 Comments

There are many attributes that separates the “greats” from the “frustrated” in the sport of dog agility. Sure there is the dog, the training opportunities, the overall mental game of the handler or the athleticism of both parts of the team. But one thing that allows the “elite” in any sport to stand apart from the […]

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IFCS 16″ World Champion . . . Couldn’t Have Happened to a Nicer Person!

Posted on 05/18/12 65 Comments

I asked Lynda to put together a brief video walkthrough of her World Championship weekend. It is almost as good as being there. Lynda is not your typical “big name” agility guru although she has now earned a spot on to 2 IFCS and 2 FCI World Teams with two different dogs. She doesn’t have […]

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IFCS 2012 Weekend Recap

Posted on 05/14/12 37 Comments

Well another IFCS World Championships has come and gone. This one a bit different in that it was right here in North America. Unfortunately for me, a week before the event, I threw my back out and was unsure if I would even be able to compete! I missed both days of our team practice […]

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Contact Training For Those With No Interest in Dog Agility

Posted on 04/28/12 38 Comments

Weird eh? Why on earth would anyone who has no interest in dog agility want to know anything about how to train agility contact obstacles? To explain the reason let me share a story with you. Years ago John (my husband) used to travel to, and help me out at many of my seminars (he […]

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Defining Inspirational Dog Training . . .

Posted on 12/06/11 37 Comments

I am sitting here watching a series of video clips that I put together of my puppy “Swagger.” Its clips of him working at a seminar over the weekend. I love my puppy, as I love my own dogs but as I watch video clips I tend to be critically; looking for what I could […]

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Successes All Around

Posted on 06/19/11 13 Comments

Moving into our last day of Critical Elements camp, I am a little sad to see it all end. It is so much fun being a student and we have such a great group of students — we are all accomplishing a ton. Of the four goals I laid out for Swagger and I before […]

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Feature at the World Agility Open Championships

Posted on 05/24/11 32 Comments

Today I will go over some of my  rounds at the WAO. Sadly for Encore all of my clean runs were with Feature — that is no reflection on Encore whatsoever! The first run for Feature was Individual agility — the first run in the pentathlon. I was conservative and got caught behind going to […]

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