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Should You Run or Stop Your Agility Dog’s Contacts?

Posted on 05/08/12 107 Comments

Running Contacts Are They For You? Do all handlers need to train their dog’s do do a running contact? I would think not. There are some people that are just not fast enough to handle a dog with running contacts; the solution is of course to train both. Any of you signed up for my […]

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Contact Training For Those With No Interest in Dog Agility

Posted on 04/28/12 38 Comments

Weird eh? Why on earth would anyone who has no interest in dog agility want to know anything about how to train agility contact obstacles? To explain the reason let me share a story with you. Years ago John (my husband) used to travel to, and help me out at many of my seminars (he […]

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How Good Is Your Glue?

Posted on 03/08/12 141 Comments

What’s Missing In Our Foundation Dog Training ? The laws of science have taught us all how to use reinforcement to shape our dogs’ responses. As we train a dog we are actually building behaviour, like a little girl with her glue gun making crafts or . . . if you were a little girl with […]

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Did I Make a Difference?

Posted on 02/02/12 105 Comments

That question was suggested to me recently as one to think about “Susan, how would you answer that question at the end of your life.” Did I make a difference? I know my mom and dad made a difference raising 8 amazing children of their own and adopting two other equally amazing children (I won’t […]

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Contact & Directional Questions Answered

Posted on 09/07/09 No Comments DSC_24100_smaller

Over the past couple of weeks I have had a few questions come in about my contacts, so here are some answers for you all 1) My “Swing ” cue means “turn away from me” it does not necessarily mean turn left. As a matter of fact if you review the video from the post […]

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Dissecting Punishment

Posted on 07/22/09 14 Comments Feature driving across the dogwalk. Ken Kennedy.

One of last week’s blog posted caused a bit of a stir amoungst some of you so I will deal with a couple of comments that were made.    From Nelci   AWESOME!! Love the picture of Feature on the Teeter. I do have some questions, after this “exercise” with Feature and the DW, what […]

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Irritation is Motivation

Posted on 07/14/09 13 Comments DeCaff in her prime, screaming across a dogwalk.

Irritation is motivation. Some of you may have heard me say this before.  When you are really irritated by something you will take action to change it. Those of you that are overweight right now are that way because it doesn’t bug you enough. When something irritates you enough your words and thoughts turn from […]

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The Fix is on for Feature

Posted on 07/12/09 9 Comments Naughty Feature waiting for her meal, while the other two maintain criteria.

So here I am trying to remind Feature exactly what are my expectations on her contacts.   I trained Feature differently then my previous dogs in that I introduced the running contact before I did the stopped. With Encore I had a running A Frame and a stopped dogwalk for the first 2 years of […]

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