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Recallers 3.0 Frequently Asked Questions & Information

Please review the following frequently asked questions and answers about Recallers 3.0, launching at the end of November.  If you find that your question is not answered below, please email [email protected]

Thank you for your interest!

I couldn’t view the webinar on Monday night!  Help!

We apologize for the technical difficulties we had during the webinar.  Susan has re-recorded the webinar, and it will be playing today at 12:00 PM Toronto/NY Time, 12:00 PM EST, 11:00 Central Time, 9 AM Pacific time, and 10:00 AM Mountain Time.  This time zone converter will help you as wellhttp://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

Where can I sign up for Recallers 3.0?

www.brilliantrecalls.com – Registration will be open today at 12:00 PM Toronto/NY Time, 12:00 PM EST, 11:00 Central Time, 9 AM Pacific time, and 10:00 AM Mountain Time.  This time zone converter will help you as well http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

When does Recallers 3.0 begin?  

Our projected start date is November 29th for Critical Core games and December 5th for Day 1.

Do I need to take Recallers 1.0 and 2.0 in order to take 3.0?

NO!  Recallers 1.0 and 2.0 were just previous versions of this Recallers course.  This course is the same level as the previous two…it’s just new and improved.  We’ve added in new content and features based on feedback (from the humans and the dogs).

Where can I see the pricing plans for Recallers 3.0?

A pricing page will also be posted when the cart opens at 12:00 PM Toronto/NY Time (12 PM EASTERN, 11 AM CENTRAL, 9 AM PACIFIC, and 10 AM MOUNTAIN).  Go to www.brilliantrecalls.com at noon and you can see prices as well as detailed info about each plan.

What’s the difference between the Advanced, Brilliant, and Inner Circle levels of Recallers 3.0?

These are the different levels of Recallers.  Advanced is the lowest, Brilliant the middle level, and the Inner Circle is an super cool exclusive club that gets to interact with Susan and Lynda Orton Hill on a whole new level.  More details will be found on the pricing page today at 12 PM Eastern/Toronto/New York time here:  www.brilliantrecalls.com

What about the “special treat” (the eBook) that Susan offered to people who viewed the webinar? 

The eBook will be now available to anyone who purchases Recallers at the Brilliant or Inner Circle level.

How long can I sign up for Recallers 3.0?

The cart will be open until November 29th, or until the course is full…whichever happens first.

Will I have the opportunity to upgrade to the Inner Circle later if want?

There is a limit to the number of people Susan will take into the Inner Circle so we cannot promise that there will be spots available. The Inner Circle is limited in number; otherwise it wouldn’t be an “Inner Circle.” So the question of upgrading cannot be answered at this time.

If I submitted a video as a Recallers Alumni, should I purchase the upgrade to Brilliant level?

No!  If you submitted a video, we will automatically create an account on our end for you, and you’ll get access to the Brilliant level of Recallers 3.0!  Your information has already been imported into the course, and you should get an email with login information any time now, if you haven’t already!  However, you will not get the DVD for free if you submitted a video – you will be given the option to buy that separately.

Will the DVD be free to anyone who BUYS Recallers at the Brilliant or Inner Circle level at the full price (not the upgrade price)?

YES!!!!!!  If you pay full price for Recallers, the DVD will be included for free.  However, if you are a past member who pays to UPGRADE to Brilliant or Inner Circle, you will not get the DVD for free.  The DVD will be available to those people for purchase later.

If I was a member of the Inner Circle in Recallers 2.0, do I have to buy Inner Circle membership again?

NO!  You will be automatically enrolled in the Inner Circle again (we will do that on our end) until April.  You will be give the option to extend that until December 2012…we will be sending out a newsletter to you soon.

Is the Recallers Course fee in US or Canadian dollars?

The course fee is in Canadian dollars.  The fee that shows up on your credit card statement will be from Say Yes Dog Training inc and will reflect any exchange rate between Canada and your home country. In additon, please note some credit card companies may charge a foreign currency transfer fee, so please check with your credit card provider for further infomation. Please be assured that Say Yes Dog Training will only bill you for the exact price of the course (plus for residents of Canada any applicable sales taxes).