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Keep 'Em Coming!

Posted on 01/08/09 8 Comments

Wow, we have got some awesome responses to my question. Initially, I was just going to pick a certain “number” and that was going to be the “winner” but there are some many thoughtful responses I am definitely going to have to select one (might be impossible) so it may have to be more than one, winner […]

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Your Turn to Write

Posted on 01/04/09 110 Comments

Well I must be hooked on this blogging since I am sending you this from a WiFi at a gas station as John fills the RV up with diesel.  Since I am on the road for the next couple of weeks and may not be writing regularly I am going to pose a question to […]

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Contacts and Weave Camp

Posted on 12/30/08 18 Comments

This past weekend I did a Contacts and Weave workshop and we had  an awesome group. It didn’t hurt that 12 of the 14 handlers had been to  multiple camps here at Say Yes at one time or another.  Teaching people that already have a good understanding of the system makes my job a lot […]

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Happy Where You Are Right Now

Posted on 12/29/08 12 Comments Loon print

I am very honored to be able to call Greg Louganis a very good friend. The honor has nothing to do with the fact that he is an Olympic hero, or the fact he is likely the best diver the world has ever seen. I am honored because he is one of the nicest people […]

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Educational, Entertaining or Inspiring

Posted on 12/27/08 7 Comments

Educational, entertaining or inspiring. That has been a goal of my blog writing. I want visiting here to be a positive experience, where you go away feeling good about yourself, your dogs or life in general.  I am not a big “blog” reader myself, but of the few that I have read I have found […]

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Q & A 3. More talk on 2×2 weave training

Posted on 12/26/08 21 Comments

Hi all, I trust you are all enjoying a great holiday season with your friends and family. John and I went to one of my brother for Christmas dinner last night. We had a blast. My sister-in-law Pat, made about a zillion vegetable dishes for me, and lucky John was in his glory, as Pat […]

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An Unexpected Weekend Off

Posted on 12/21/08 11 Comments Buzz & Encore out for our Snowing Walk

Well my seminar in Omaha, Nebraska had to be canceled this weekend. That is a first for me.  I stared doing seminars in 1995, I don’t know how many I have done, I stopped counting at 300. In all those years, and all those workshops, I have never had to cancel before, it is an […]

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Overcoming Perceived "Baggage"

Posted on 12/18/08 40 Comments DeCaff, Buzzy (looking handsome as ever), Feature & Encore.

None of my dogs are rescue dogs.  Even DeCaff, my Jack Russell Terrier mix, whose grandmother is a border collie, is not a rescue dog, but rather the result of a planned breeding.  However, I do think there are tons of great dogs out in rescue.  There was a time when John and I used […]

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Technogeek back to Answer Questions

Posted on 12/17/08 3 Comments

Here I go again, an entire q&a session devoted entirely to your weave pole training questions. Enjoy!   [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JE6Hb5ZGmk]

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Dissecting Weaving, the new DVD & I Didn't Forget

Posted on 12/16/08 25 Comments

Okay, before I settle into answering the weave questions that have come in, I thought today  I would write about the new DVD and what brought me around to the 2×2 method. It is a long entry,  I hope it doesn’t come off as being propagandacious to any of you. I guess, at the center […]

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