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Overcoming Perceived "Baggage"

Posted on 12/18/08 40 Comments DeCaff, Buzzy (looking handsome as ever), Feature & Encore.

None of my dogs are rescue dogs.  Even DeCaff, my Jack Russell Terrier mix, whose grandmother is a border collie, is not a rescue dog, but rather the result of a planned breeding.  However, I do think there are tons of great dogs out in rescue.  There was a time when John and I used […]

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Technogeek back to Answer Questions

Posted on 12/17/08 3 Comments

Here I go again, an entire q&a session devoted entirely to your weave pole training questions. Enjoy!   [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JE6Hb5ZGmk]

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Dissecting Weaving, the new DVD & I Didn't Forget

Posted on 12/16/08 25 Comments

Okay, before I settle into answering the weave questions that have come in, I thought today  I would write about the new DVD and what brought me around to the 2×2 method. It is a long entry,  I hope it doesn’t come off as being propagandacious to any of you. I guess, at the center […]

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Questions Answered in Techno-geek Style

Posted on 12/14/08 8 Comments

Okay guys, I got such a positive response the last time I presented this format here on the blog and since I couldn’t get the hologram to work 🙂 I decided to go back to this format once again. Since this session would have gone on for ever, and I found out that YouTube doesn’t […]

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Very Clever!

Posted on 12/10/08 9 Comments

Well there are some very clever people out there.  I notice this morning there are still orders coming in for the ebook “Phase One of Excellence in Weave Pole Training”, even though I said it would no longer be available after the new DVD was released.  So I went to our website and I can […]

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Today Is the Last Day!!

Posted on 12/09/08 15 Comments

Yep, today is the last day that you can order my Excellence in Weave Pole Training:Phase One.  That means that tomorrow we will start taking orders on our website for phase 2, my new 2-disc dvd set “Susan Garrett’s 2×2 Weave Pole Training (the product will be shipped starting Friday). 12 Poles in 12 Days. So for […]

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Last Day of Skill Camp

Posted on 12/08/08 6 Comments Stephanie and Skye work directional foundation.

For the last five days we have had a keen group of campers in for Skills Camp.  This camp is much like puppy camp but in more detail.  We can not expect young puppies to work for 5 days like these olders ones, so puppy camp is only 3 days.  Even for the older dog, […]

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Fair Weather Walker

Posted on 12/04/08 11 Comments Buzzy & the red girls enjoying their walk

  Ok I admit to being a bit of a fair weather walker. I am lucky, we have 28 acres here and I just have to step out the door to get to the “park.” But still, I have been known to skip a walk, much to my dogs displeasure. Even though I love to […]

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Table Trading while Training (it’s a tongue-twister)

Posted on 12/03/08 16 Comments

Okay so this is the video clip I wanted to put up the other day. Not my best geek work but it gives you the idea of what I want to show. The whole routine just cracks me up. I am sure you guys will get a kick out if too.  So, heres the deal. […]

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You Only Get One Chance to Make A First Impression

Posted on 12/02/08 7 Comments Jane & Wicca in the circle of tug game.

Well that was a blast, we had an awesome group of people here for puppy camp. It makes our job as instructors that much easier when the people we are teaching are genuinely nice to be around, and boy did we have some fun puppies.  Wicca the Westie was a crack up and she certainly […]

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