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Is Agility Keeping Pace with Technological Advances?

Posted on 01/29/09 16 Comments

Earlier this week John and I had to spend the day in the car running errands an hour or more away from home. Yes of course he drove, I do love me life. As he was driving I was thinking about all of the technological advances that surrounded me in the car. First and foremost […]

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Continuing with Life’s Processes

Posted on 01/28/09 17 Comments Stoni, Shelby and Twister hamming it up for a Christmas card in the mid 90

I am continuing the topic I started yesterday, describing how I have emotionally coped with the advancing progression of my dogs lives. Denial and Grieving. The day after losing Stoni I had to leave for 3 weeks of teaching in Australia. Stoni had been sick for over a year. We all knew she was living on […]

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Lessons in Life’s Processes . . . get the kleenex.

Posted on 01/27/09 20 Comments Shelby with a rock, winning of the 1998 USDAA GP Nationals.

It has to do with the oneness you become with that dog on the agility field. You are a team. The time and dedication invested in a relationship to reach that degree of unity only helps to fuel the burning pain of loss as your time together draws to a close.

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2×2 Weave Pole Training with a Food Only Motivated Dog

Posted on 01/26/09 21 Comments tug-it-starter-cropped-picturefinal4

Now that there are so many of you excelling with the 2×2 process I thought I would answer a few questions that you have sent in about training dogs that are not toy motivated. First of all yes, this method works well with all dogs, regardless of what motivates them! As I outlined in my 2×2 […]

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Doggie Diction

Posted on 01/24/09 12 Comments The dawning of Encore

 I talk to me dogs. I don’t mean I talk to my dogs the way normal people do, saying things like — ”yeah boy, get the stick”. I mean I talk to them like I expect, at any moment, they are about to answer back. I don’t talk this way all the time, but for important things […]

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More About Me Than Anyone Really Needs to Know

Posted on 01/23/09 23 Comments John and I vacationing in England.

This is a great read by a seven your old kid, really you have to check it out.  In it he says “I believe everyone is weird in their own way.” I am about to prove it. For a light-hearted change of pace I thought I would tell you a lot of weird (and maybe some […]

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Posted on 01/22/09 20 Comments Beautiful shot taken at the trial in Orlando.

Once I finished writing the following post, I really questioned whether  I should put it up on my blog. It didn’t feel as light-hearted or uplifting as others I have written. I decided to let it go because there are a few lessons that I have learned that I would like to share. Perhaps they […]

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Running the "baby" dog

Posted on 01/21/09 15 Comments

Well Feature and I had a chance to get to know each other better as a dog and handler team while we were in Florida. First of all, we worked together at camp for three days and then we had two weekends of trialing. I have to say bringing out a new dog is one […]

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Heading Home

Posted on 01/20/09 2 Comments

Well all good things must come to an end and so we must leave the sunny south and head back home.  We had a great time in Florida, topped off with one of my favorite trials of the year the “Dog-Gone-it!” trial in Orlando.  I must take this opportunity to encourage all of you all […]

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And the Winner Is:

Posted on 01/14/09 6 Comments

Thank you all for the wonderful posts you have written in response to my question from two weeks ago. I can tell many of you put a great deal of thought into your answer, I have enjoyed reading them all.  The last night of camp here in Florida I sat down and read aloud each […]

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