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What Canadians Do for Winter Entertainment?

Posted on 02/09/09 13 Comments

I think this may be like suffering through home movies of someone elses kids. Just be grateful that I edited down to less than two minutes. It was Encore’s birthday on Saturday so Friday she got to run agility, (Saturday I had a full day of lessons here) and Sunday afternoon we packed everyone into […]

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A New Goal for All of Us to Aim For

Posted on 02/08/09 10 Comments

The trial I was at on Friday was a small one. There were two standard runs and in the second one, Feature was the only 26″ dogs (video included below).  However with this very small trial there where still 3 people (that I knew of) competing (and doing very well) that were between 77-81 years old! […]

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The Trophies are in a Box in the Basement

Posted on 02/07/09 7 Comments crcd1

Here is a comment posted to yesterday’s blog that I think is worth highlighting. It came in from Trish who asked: Wondering… as a handler that is ‘watched’ every time she competes – what pressure do you feel (externally or internally) to make each run as good as it can be? In other words, how […]

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Pack Life and Cabin Fever

Posted on 02/06/09 5 Comments

John and I are living in this tiny little apt above a garage right now. We have been here for about 8 months while we are having a new house built. We used to let students use it when they were here for camps or lessons. For an overnight or a four day camp, it […]

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Winning When You Lose and Losing When You Win

Posted on 02/05/09 10 Comments

I got a note from a student recently that was thrilled with her performance at a weekend trial, earning her first ever “double Q” in an AKC trial, the first step toward her MACH, gathering a boat load of mach points in the process as she was 18 seconds under time and 1.9 seconds faster […]

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Saying Good Bye to a Great One

Posted on 02/04/09 19 Comments

Canadian agility lost one of it’s very special dogs yesterday with the passing of Sarah Mairs’ brilliant Golden Retriever “Gabby”. She was only 10 1/2 years old. Gabby was an amazing flyball dog, one of the fastest “non-Border Collies” of her day and brilliantly represented Canada at both the FCI and the IFCS world agility […]

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Omaha, Nebraska, good times, but stay away from the organic diners:)

Posted on 02/02/09 9 Comments

Well I just spent the weekend with a great group of Mid-Westerners in Omaha, Nebraska. Lots of laughing, it is always a bonus when you can have a great time when you go to help people with their dog training. It was an unusual training stint, in that I only taught for two days, normally […]

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A Critical Key To Training the Running Contact?

Posted on 01/30/09 14 Comments

I have had a few of you email me privately and one post to my blog why I thought a “fool-proof method of running contacts was unlikely.” I don’t pretend to have all of the dog training answers and I am not a pessimist about ANYTHING. However,  I do believe I have a pretty good […]

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Is Agility Keeping Pace with Technological Advances?

Posted on 01/29/09 16 Comments

Earlier this week John and I had to spend the day in the car running errands an hour or more away from home. Yes of course he drove, I do love me life. As he was driving I was thinking about all of the technological advances that surrounded me in the car. First and foremost […]

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Continuing with Life’s Processes

Posted on 01/28/09 17 Comments Stoni, Shelby and Twister hamming it up for a Christmas card in the mid 90

I am continuing the topic I started yesterday, describing how I have emotionally coped with the advancing progression of my dogs lives. Denial and Grieving. The day after losing Stoni I had to leave for 3 weeks of teaching in Australia. Stoni had been sick for over a year. We all knew she was living on […]

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