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On Being a Champion

Posted on 02/27/09 9 Comments

When I was 18 years old I went to work on a dairy farm. Now I was born and raised in a city of 300,000 people. I had no idea what to expect or what cows were all about. I applied to over 50 jobs that summer, most of them in a government program for […]

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Free Stuff for You

Posted on 02/26/09 11 Comments

Catchy title for a blog post eh? But really I have some good stuff for all of you and it is f-r-e-e! I have decided to give away 31 dog training tips during the month of March, but there is catch. It is a perk I am only extending to those of you that are […]

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Idea List for Shaping

Posted on 02/25/09 51 Comments Stoni performing "hold" and "Pals" - -  Shelby being a good sport!

Okay, to follow up on the shaping post, here is my, not-yet-completed list of things to shape. When I get it finished, I will post in on my website. If you would, please look over the list, alert me to any duplications you see and write up your own suggestions. They don’t need to be […]

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The Three Crucial Keys to Agility Greatness

Posted on 02/24/09 21 Comments

So you want to know what I view as the three most things in creating a great agility dog? Foundation, foundation, foundation. So few people find the joy in the little stuff. Everyone wants to jump in and do the sexy stuff so they sequence their 5 month old puppies between uprights with a bar […]

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MAC Trial

Posted on 02/22/09 11 Comments

Well another one in the books. It was cold and snowy here the first day I arrived in Minnesota, well dah. It is Minnesota and it is February! A really well run trial. The girls from Omaha were up and I have to thank Brittney and Dana for making sure my runs got videoed. Some […]

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Time Alone

Posted on 02/21/09 2 Comments

Well I just finished a long drive from home to Minnesota. I decided to drive and not fly as I wanted to bring both Encore and Feature so I could put them in a trial here before I start my teaching.  It is a bit risky driving from Canada around the great lakes and up […]

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Laugh out loud

Posted on 02/20/09 5 Comments

Today I am on my way to Minnesota and then on to Wisconsin. I am going to try to catch up with computer stuff while I am on the road:).  I would like to invite you to laugh out loud today. As I have mentioned in the past. I love to laugh. I keep a […]

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It's big "A" time

Posted on 02/19/09 10 Comments

Have you ever seen dogs try to dominate other dogs by resting their heads across the shoulders of the dog they are greeting. Head position is important to dogs, it says alot to another dog. Personally, I am of the belief that dogs do not try to dominate people but rather try to get reinforcement […]

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Back to the future

Posted on 02/18/09 10 Comments

When Feature was a puppy I used to shape new behaviours with her all the time. One week I challenged myself to come up with a different, unrelated behaviour to shape each day for a week.  That was fun. None of them were shaped to fluency before I went on the next day to a […]

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Crate Games, it is not just for breakfast any more.

Posted on 02/16/09 23 Comments More distraction work through crate games.

I had small workshop here yesterday with 9, mostly adolescent dogs, and their handlers. It went quite well with a few “aah ha” moments and the odd “oh my” thrown in to balance things out.  We started the day with some grids and body awareness exercises and then finished up the afternoon with some handling […]

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