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It's big "A" time

Posted on 02/19/09 10 Comments

Have you ever seen dogs try to dominate other dogs by resting their heads across the shoulders of the dog they are greeting. Head position is important to dogs, it says alot to another dog. Personally, I am of the belief that dogs do not try to dominate people but rather try to get reinforcement […]

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Back to the future

Posted on 02/18/09 10 Comments

When Feature was a puppy I used to shape new behaviours with her all the time. One week I challenged myself to come up with a different, unrelated behaviour to shape each day for a week.  That was fun. None of them were shaped to fluency before I went on the next day to a […]

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Crate Games, it is not just for breakfast anymore.

Posted on 02/16/09 23 Comments More distraction work through crate games.

I had small workshop here yesterday with 9, mostly adolescent dogs, and their handlers. It went quite well with a few “aah ha” moments and the odd “oh my” thrown in to balance things out.  We started the day with some grids and body awareness exercises and then finished up the afternoon with some handling […]

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Effective Transitions

Posted on 02/16/09 8 Comments

Being sick sucks. I have been laid up for the last few days but today I think I have turned the corner (just in time, as I have a bunch of teaching coming up). This weekend there was a Chiropractic-Veterinary workshop at our place. That is where vets & chiropractors get tutored on the finer […]

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Toilets and wall tiles

Posted on 02/11/09 4 Comments

So I spend the day yesterday with my friends Penny and Lynda going through kitchen displays and sitting on toilets shopping for the new house. How exhausting. John stayed behind on this trip so I was told “I could look but not comitt to buying anything!”  Too funny that men actually think they get a vote […]

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What Canadians Do for Winter Entertainment?

Posted on 02/09/09 13 Comments

I think this may be like suffering through home movies of someone elses kids. Just be grateful that I edited down to less than two minutes. It was Encore’s birthday on Saturday so Friday she got to run agility, (Saturday I had a full day of lessons here) and Sunday afternoon we packed everyone into […]

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A New Goal for All of Us to Aim For

Posted on 02/08/09 10 Comments

The trial I was at on Friday was a small one. There were two standard runs and in the second one, Feature was the only 26″ dogs (video included below).  However with this very small trial there where still 3 people (that I knew of) competing (and doing very well) that were between 77-81 years old! […]

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The Trophies are in a Box in the Basement

Posted on 02/07/09 7 Comments crcd1

Here is a comment posted to yesterday’s blog that I think is worth highlighting. It came in from Trish who asked: Wondering… as a handler that is ‘watched’ every time she competes – what pressure do you feel (externally or internally) to make each run as good as it can be? In other words, how […]

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Pack Life and Cabin Fever

Posted on 02/06/09 5 Comments

John and I are living in this tiny little apt above a garage right now. We have been here for about 8 months while we are having a new house built. We used to let students use it when they were here for camps or lessons. For an overnight or a four day camp, it […]

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Winning When You Lose and Losing When You Win

Posted on 02/05/09 10 Comments

I got a note from a student recently that was thrilled with her performance at a weekend trial, earning her first ever “double Q” in an AKC trial, the first step toward her MACH, gathering a boat load of mach points in the process as she was 18 seconds under time and 1.9 seconds faster […]

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