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Is Susan Just a Freak of Nature?

Posted on 09/03/10 18 Comments

So why is it that after those killer work outs that the other girls were sore and I wasn’t? As little as only four years ago I used to get really sore just like anyone else. You know that “ooh-don’t-touch-me-there-and-I-can’t-barely-get-down-to-the-toilet-sore-muscles.” It was normal, but not anymore. I do occasionally get  a bit “stiff” after a […]

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Revelations After Our Say Yes “Holiday”

Posted on 08/31/10 28 Comments

So last week a few of my students got together here for a Say Yes “holiday.” I have to quote “holiday” since for many of you,  it wouldn’t be your idea of a “holiday.” We had my favourite Scottish born fitness guru come to kick our butts with twice a day workouts (including our cardio […]

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A Different Sort of Camp at Say Yes

Posted on 08/24/10 12 Comments

Things are busy here at Say Yes this week, but for a different reason. We are having a “fit camp” for handlers. I am thoroughly enjoying it but it truly is gruelling (in a good way). Jill, the trainer I work with in Florida offered to come up here and put a few of us […]

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Immediate vs Long Term Reinforcement

Posted on 08/18/10 32 Comments

Defining moments of decision happen both in the dog and in us. Do you hit the snooze alarm in the morning or do you decide to get up, giving you a few extra moments to train your dog before you leave for work? Do you see your dog responding inappropriately, yet decide it is too […]

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Tomorrow’s Brilliance

Posted on 08/16/10 26 Comments

We just wrapped up another 4 days of camps here at Say Yes. Thursday & Friday it was Advances in Dog Training followed by Saturday and Sunday’s Critical Elements for Sport and Life (formerly puppy camp so lots of puppies here but no longer restricted to puppies). Lately we have had some super people here […]

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A Lesson in Patience

Posted on 08/11/10 83 Comments

Today’s post is all about patience and all of the places we need it in dog training/agility. I have never thought of myself as a particularly patient person however I do recognize the importance for such a virtue while training.  Here are a few areas I see patience important to each of us. *Lets start […]

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Featuring Feature!

Posted on 08/11/10 35 Comments

Today is all about the baby dog! I have some video highlights of her weekend at the AAC Nationals. For all of you on the recallers side, we still don’t have a lesson up for you today so I am going to give you the assignment of finding the times when value for RZ …

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Another Nationals In the History Books

Posted on 08/10/10 10 Comments

We arrived home from the AAC Nationals at 2 AM this morning. My dogs ran wonderfully all weekend long, both of them. Between the 7 events (Steeplechase finals, 2 Standard, 2 Jumpers, 2 Gamblers) the two dogs won 5 of them. Feature won both Standards and 1 Gamblers, Encore won the other Gamblers and the […]

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Kicking Off the AAC Nationals

Posted on 08/06/10 12 Comments

Today kicks off the first day of the AAC Nationals. John and I did some sightseeing yesterday with John and Lynda Hill and all our dogs (well, the ones that we have out here in Calgary).  It was a wonderful day in the Rockies as these pictures will prove. Recallers, you all should be able […]

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Finding the Joy

Posted on 08/05/10 38 Comments

In her third and final instalment (for now:)), Helen shares some of the key lessons she has learned up to this point of her journey with her pankin’ pants poodle puppy Uppity. At one point when I was very frustrated with Uppity’s slow progress,  I was talking to Susan on the phone and whining to […]

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