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All the Answers Anyone Could Ever Need

Posted on 11/13/10 27 Comments

Just in case you missed this very informative interview, I thought I would share. Enjoy! Today I am grateful for the enthusiastic dog trainers here in Australia.

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Being Present

Posted on 11/10/10 16 Comments

Tony Robbins talks about being present for your spouse or kids. This is something I am guilty of with John, I know I need to work on it. You know what I mean. You are hammering away at the computer and your mate is trying to have a conversation with you that you are absentmindedly […]

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This is a Real Gem

Posted on 11/07/10 28 Comments

Full disclosure today folks. You get to see vintage video of me 40 pounds overweight, in desperate need of a haircut and the most hideous looking, over sized, shocking blue outfit I have ever owned. I bet you can’t wait eh? John Cullen’s “Pre Competition Routine for Big Events” program is in full swing. Actually […]

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Checking Your Blind Spots

Posted on 11/05/10 12 Comments

I went to a meeting in Toronto earlier this week, put on by two of Tony Robbins coaches. One of them had this great line; “Coaches reveal your blind spots, so you can get different results than you have gotten in the past.” The coaches in my life are massively important to me. They have […]

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Advancing Skills Camp

Posted on 11/02/10 16 Comments

Moving into the last day of another great skills camp. Super group of people, super group of dogs. Since all dogs and handlers are returning for a continuation of Critical Elements we have been able to take massive steps forward this week. Day one I asked the group to focus on all may be influencing […]

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Athletic Self-Awareness

Posted on 10/31/10 33 Comments

Today’s blog comes to you from John Cullen. This is awesome information that John is sharing here — information that you can apply right now to have an immediate impact on your performance. Trust me some times it is the smallest change that can have the biggest impact. Read carefully and be certain to tell […]

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What Holds You Back

Posted on 10/28/10 137 Comments

Next week I am starting a Newsletter series on Being a Good Student. The series is based on a short article I wrote in a magazine many years ago. Now I don’t pretend to be the worlds authority on educating, but I have taught dog training to people since 1988 and I am pretty observant […]

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Can You Count On Peak Performance?

Posted on 10/27/10 6 Comments

John Cullen is a great resource. I know I have mentioned him a several times over this past year but if you haven’t checked out his blog you really should click here and do so. While you are there sign up to his mailing list. By signing up not only will you get info directly […]

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Would You Put Your Hand Up?

Posted on 10/26/10 39 Comments

Away at a business conference  (which I wrote about in my newsletter yesterday — I hope you got yours) I ended up volunteering to stand up on stage in front of 500 participants. Thinking about me throwing my hat in the ring to get up on stage I realize how events like that can be […]

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Recovering From Failures and Successes!

Posted on 10/21/10 16 Comments

The last few weeks have been pretty action packed for my dogs and I. Some great thrills at the World Championships in Germany followed by some more awesome thrills at the USDAA Nationals in Kentucky. In between all of my highs I have shared with you all, some of my lows as well. I have […]

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