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Taking Direction from the Dalai Lama

Posted on 05/25/11 61 Comments

It was the Dalia Lama that suggested “When you lose don’t lose the lesson.” So with every disappointment I am faced with in my life I search for a lesson. Some are more obvious then others but I find they are always there. In today’s video I will share with you some of my more […]

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Feature at the World Agility Open Championships

Posted on 05/24/11 32 Comments

Today I will go over some of my  rounds at the WAO. Sadly for Encore all of my clean runs were with Feature — that is no reflection on Encore whatsoever! The first run for Feature was Individual agility — the first run in the pentathlon. I was conservative and got caught behind going to […]

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World Agility Open in the UK

Posted on 05/23/11 14 Comments

Well a week has past since our return from WAO  in Britain but we jumped right into 6 days with Susan Salo (pardon my little pun). More on SS later. First I thought I would comment on WAO. I thought it was a well run event with absolutely fab courses from the judges. Challenging yet […]

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Our Two Weeks in the UK has Begun!

Posted on 05/09/11 25 Comments

John, myself along with Lynda and her husband John Hill arrived in England a week earlier than the rest of the Canadian team (coming in for WAO – World Agility Open). Partly to enjoy a bit of a British Holiday and partly because I did a few days of teaching. We have been staying at […]

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What a Difference A Week Makes!

Posted on 04/27/11 32 Comments

It has been a very busy time for us here at Say Yes over the past 7 days! It started with Adrian Rooyakkers coming to give an awesome three day handling workshop. The focus was on running European style courses aimed at helping  those of us heading over to the UK for WAO. That ended […]

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Looking for All That Is Good

Posted on 04/20/11 33 Comments

Thank you so much to all of you blog readers for the awesome comments you leave on this blog. Thank you for joining me in celebrating our love for dogs by having positive dialogues that recognize how humour plays a role in engaging conversations. You are so essential in the delivery of all I  share […]

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What is “Ruff Love” Really?

Posted on 04/18/11 106 Comments

So I have a very naughty 11 week old puppy. Below is the video evidence to prove it.  I thought this would be an ideal time to talk about my Ruff Love program. When Ruff Love was first released more than 10 years ago it received some pretty harsh criticism from many so called “gurus” […]

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A Glimpse at “Guilty”

Posted on 04/13/11 16 Comments

Okay this is one of the best video clips I have seen in a very long time. The beginning is hilarious  but it comes with a very important message. Those of you that think your dog “knows when he is wrong” needs to watch. Brought to you by http://dogspies.blogspot.com/ Today I am grateful for Denver & […]

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Criteria is . . .

Posted on 04/11/11 166 Comments

What word do you believe is synonymous with the word criteria?  I want you to pause for a moment right now and think of the first word that pops into your mind when you think of the word “criteria.” Don’t read on until you have that word. Say it out loud when you hear the word […]

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“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more” Anthony Robbins

Posted on 04/04/11 22 Comments

Lordy Lordy Susan Garrett has given up her blog for almost a week but all for a good cause. The main reason being that she has been bombarded with us so called ‘visitors’ since last Wednesday. Whilst Susan is busy teaching flatwork, boxwork and sticking poor Swaggers ears up she has given me access to her blog and […]

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