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Being the Best on Any Level

Posted on 08/09/11 27 Comments

I am not a natural writer. Several weeks ago I was asked to join a sort of cyber-flash-blog-mob to write on the topic of volunteering at agility trials. At the time I was in the middle of getting my Puppy Peaks membership off of the ground. I really did try to put a blog out […]

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The Possibilities in Dog Training

Posted on 08/02/11 181 Comments

Recently I became involved in a discussion about dog training methodology with friends and members of the CAPPDT. I felt compelled to write this post, hopefully I did it without judgement.  I know I have addressed this topic many times in the past but it certainly is worth more than one look. Do you know […]

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Airport Insights

Posted on 08/01/11 18 Comments

John and I just returned from a working vacation in Italy. We spent that last few days in Rome, it was surreal. Like an adult version Disneyland except that all of the attractions were real and some over 2000 years old! Flying out of the airport in Rome I over heard a conversation that I […]

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The “Secret” … Do-Land is now possible for everyone!

Posted on 07/25/11 25 Comments

A guest post by the Awesome Lynda “Ethel” Orton Hill aka LOH. I’ve been pondering for a few weeks on what I think has been the secret to my success with my relationships with my dogs (Ruby, Spirit, Favor & Cool Moss) in the Do-Land program. The more I thought about it the stronger I believed […]

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Transitioning to Do-Land

Posted on 07/18/11 46 Comments

To follow up with some of the comments from my webinar I would like to share this one from Darlene who took a great deal of time to share her perspective. Thanks Darlene I do appreciate you sharing your viewpoint. Here is what Darlene posted to my “Struggles” webinar. It was so involved I thought […]

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Mixing Methodologies

Posted on 07/15/11 61 Comments

Okay, I just love this photo of the “great white” from yesterday’s video, yes this is my special “DeeDog” girle “DeCaff.” She claims not guilty, I tend to believe her as all our dogs are just a product of what we know. To follow up on yesterday’s blog post about the impact of “corrections” on […]

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Dogs Do It So Shouldn’t We?

Posted on 07/14/11 49 Comments

Since posting my most recent webinar series on Dealing With Your Dog Training Challenges (http://www.puppypeaks.com/sp/5822-join-puppypeaks) where I share the challenges trying to live life in “Do-Land” I have gotten some really thought provoking questions about what I am suggesting. Thanks for those. First of all, let me be clear. I am no saint. My goal is […]

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To Peak or Not to Peak

Posted on 07/12/11 1 Comment

Well, today we open up registrations my latest internet adventure “Puppy Peaks.” http://www.puppypeaks.com/sp/5822-join-puppypeaks328 This has been a fun project to work on. It is my first “membership” site. One where you can pay either monthly or annually for a chance to be a “fly on the wall” while I train my puppy “Swagger.”  You can […]

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An Evening With Swagger

Posted on 07/11/11 33 Comments

Swagger Well judging from the name of this blog post it could either be about my puppy or about me strutting my stuff on a night on the town somewhere. The video will clarify anything the pictures don’t. This is all about my boy Swag. Mr. Swagger is growing up so nicely, I am absolutely […]

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It is Better to Journey Together

Posted on 06/29/11 32 Comments

Thank You I am grateful and excited that so many of you are going to be on the PuppyPeaks journey with Swagger and I.  First I am excited because I am looking forward to showing off the Swagamuffin. Doesn’t every proud momma want her puppy to be the center of attention? Second, to be able […]

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