Be Your Best in Agility: Tip #7 Warm Up and Cool Down

Posted on 09/18/16 2 Comments h360-agilitytips-fb7-copy

Agility Trial Success Tip #7: Proper warm ups for dog and handler are often what makes the difference between success and faults in any agility run. However often this part of agility gets ignored.  Knowing that an athlete will stay warmed up for about 30 minutes (depending up the temperature), I split warms ups between […]

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Be Your Best in Agility: Tip #6 Be organized on trial day

Posted on 09/17/16 3 Comments h360-agilitytips-fb6-copy

Agility Trial Success Tip #6: Nerves happen when things are out of your control. Running orders, gate sheets, switches in running order. Being prepared, organized and up to date with all the trial information is important. Take a picture of your entry forms so you will know what you entered when you get to the […]

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Be Your Best in Agility: Tip #5 Become your own Coach

Posted on 09/16/16 3 Comments h360-agilitytips-fb5-copy

Agility Trial Success Tip #5: Become your own coach when none other is available to you. Head to the trial with your coaches advice and your own planning to create a consistent event routine at the event. These lists include hints, pre and post run preparation reminders and positive messages to yourself.  We tend to […]

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Be Your Best in Agility: Tip #4 Kennel for Comfort and Safety

Posted on 09/15/16 4 Comments h360-agilitytips-fb4-copy

Agility Trial Success Tip #4: Kennel for comfort and safety. Set your dog up for success by focusing on the location you choose to crate your dog. Event stress can be minimized by choosing a crating area that presents the best possible environment for yourself, your dog and your fellow competitors. No one likes to […]

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Be Your Best in Agility: Tip #3 Fuel Your Body

Posted on 09/14/16 15 Comments h360-agilitytips-fb3

Agility Trial Success Tip #3: Fuel Your Body Plan meals to fuel your body. When you plan ahead you won’t be tempted to eat convenience food being served at the trial. I choose to drink a juice for breakfast, a smoothie at lunch and a healthy meal at dinner. Meal planning goes for your dog […]

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Be Your Best in Agility: Tip #2 Packing Lists

Posted on 09/14/16 9 Comments h360-agilitytips-fb2-copy

Agility Trial Success Tip #2: Packing lists… have them! I have several lists depending upon the trial I am heading to. We can create a master list here. In the comments below share your agility trial packing list. “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” ~ Alexander Graham Bell Today I am grateful […]

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Be Your BEST in Agility: 10 Tips to Get You THERE!

Posted on 09/14/16 11 Comments swagger-spain

Swagger and I are preparing for our upcoming trip to FCI World  Championships in Zaragoza, Spain representing Subaru Agility Team Canada. In my preparations this week, I gave my “agility trial checklist” a once over to see if there were any needed “tweaks”. As I was looking at my list I thought “this would be cool […]

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Transformations in Dog Training: The 2016 Recallers Video Contest Winners

Posted on 07/01/16 11 Comments zentec

The results of our 2016 Recallers Video Contest are in! Over the past week, you have narrowed down the fifteen  wonderful videos in our finals to the top three. Each dog we bring into our home presents us with new challenges, we get frustrated, we may even break down, but for the sake of that […]

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Transformations in Dog Training: The 2016 Recallers Video Contest Championship Round!

Posted on 06/27/16 65 Comments

The Championship Round The “Grand Finale” of our 2016 Recallers Video Contest is here. The top six videos as voted by you are competing for THREE winning spots. Our video contest celebrates our Recallers. A group of people who decided they wanted dogs that listen and a great relationship with their dogs, and who turned […]

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Transformations in Dog Training: The 2016 Recallers Video Contest Day Three

Posted on 06/25/16 7 Comments FitBones

Day Three of our Recallers Video Contest Today starts the third and final round of our semi-finals! Scroll down for the videos and pick your two favourites. If you haven’t already done so, you can still view the videos from Day One and Day Two. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to […]

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