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Recallers 3.0 Video Contest Voting – Day 4

Posted on 11/23/11 21 Comments

Today we roll out the last of the videos submitted by our talented members of Recallers 2.0.  I admit, I’m a little sad for the contest to be over.  I will miss watching all of the great videos.  This has been fun, hasn’t it?! Have you been inspired by these videos? Wouldn’t you love it […]

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Recallers 3.0 Video Contest Voting – Day 3

Posted on 11/23/11 40 Comments

Day 3 of the video contest is upon us, and I’m sure by now, you’ve realized just how difficult our decision was in choosing these videos.  You are a talented group of people, and I am so humbled to see how many lives (both human and dog) have been positively affected!  It warms my heart […]

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Recallers 3.0 Video Contest Voting – Day 2

Posted on 11/22/11 22 Comments

Welcome to Day 2 of voting for the Recallers Video Contest (see videos from Day 1 here).  Thank you for all of your votes yesterday, on to day two! Voting will remain open until we close registrations for Recallers (which will be when the class fills). Registration for the  5 Minute Formula to a Brilliant […]

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Recallers 3.0 Video Contest Voting – Day 1

Posted on 11/20/11 44 Comments iPup Jacket

Over the last few weeks, we have run a video contest for previous members of Recallers 2, asking them to make a video about their experience with The Five Minute Formula to a Brilliant Recall.  The response was incredible!  We had over 250 videos submitted, and your creativity and enthusiasm for our course was amazing…I […]

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Failing Your Way to Dog Training Success

Posted on 11/18/11 15 Comments

I think history has proven that learning happens primarily through mistakes, that is what “experience” is all about.  Some of the world’s greatest successes have also been amongst the biggest failures. Thomas Edison, who most famous invention was the lightbulb said this when asked about all of his failures “I didn’t fail, I just found […]

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Pick a Dog Training Challenge . . .

Posted on 11/14/11 34 Comments

Today I kick off a new 10 day on-line dog training web-fest; I can’t quite come up with a name for it . . . maybe you guys can help. Will it be ClickerDogs Extravaganza? Or SayYes-Fest? Or maybe Do-Land-Palooza? Whadda you got? Hmmmm. Anyway I will be posting a series of webinars that will […]

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Posted on 11/11/11 5 Comments

Being today is 11/11/11 it seems to be some sort of super-sized Remembrance Day doesn’t it? Last month when we were in France for the world championships, we had one day to do some local touring. We chose to visit Vimy Ridge and the Canadian memorial there. I personally had no immediate relatives that served […]

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A Dog Training Christmas in November

Posted on 11/10/11 20 Comments

Stand is Fun! The Say Yes team has been working overtime preparing for all that is “new.” As I mentioned last week we have a cool new video on teaching how “The Stand is Fun” which is on Facebook and Puppy Peaks. Thank you for all of the positive comments on this video especially for the […]

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Celebrating the Life of a Champion

Posted on 11/07/11 11 Comments

A great Canadian Olympian died suddenly yesterday, much to the shock of not just the Canadian equestrian world, and not just the fans of horse sport, but to the fans of sport and underdogs everywhere.  Eric Lamaze great horse Hickstead died suddenly after finishing a round in Italy. Eric and Hickstead won just about all there […]

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Cliff Hangers

Posted on 10/27/11 37 Comments

Okay, so if you don’t like cliffhangers, maybe you shouldn’t read today’s blog:). The first “leave ’em hanging” video I am going to show you is a new one I just posted to my Facebook Page. It is a two parter – here is part one, in order to see part two you have to […]

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