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Recallers5.0 Video Contest Day 2

Posted on 06/03/14 14 Comments dare

Welcome to Day 2 of voting our Recallers video contest! We had over 700 votes from day 1 and the votes are still rolling in! Check out Day 1 if you haven’t already.  I think you all can understand why we asked for your help…each and every video is amazing! Each of our first five videos […]

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Could my two keys be your two keys?

Posted on 09/26/13 51 Comments Susan Garrett

Training a dog can be an amazingly joyful or unbelievably frustrating use of your time. What separates these two experiences is one thing and only one thing and that is your dog’s immunity to distractions. Truth. The biggest saboteur working against reaching your goals in dog training is how attracted your dog is to the […]

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The Two Sides of Dog Training: The Right and the Wrong Way

Posted on 09/05/13 75 Comments

Big decisions in life (which result in a dramatic turn either left or right) are made by weighing the pros and cons of either direction. Nobody confidently steps away from the direction they feel is the right way. So we have to assume each of us has some level of certainty when making decisions in […]

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And the Puppy Peaks Video Winners Are…

Posted on 09/05/13 32 Comments

Today we officially announce our winners from our recent Puppy Peaks video contest. I just have to say that the competition was intense. We had so many great videos that of the three of my “faves to win” didn’t even make the finals!!!  Everyone who entered a video in the contest is a big winner – a […]

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Puppy Peaks Video Contest – Day 3

Posted on 08/28/13 11 Comments

Day 3 of voting is upon us!  First of all, a big round of virtual applause for all of our videos so far!  Aren’t they amazing? There have been two tough decisions over the last two days and today will be no more different! For those of you who are just joining us, today is […]

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Puppy Peaks Video Contest Voting – Day 2

Posted on 08/27/13 19 Comments

Thank you everyone for voting yesterday for Day 1 of the Puppy Peaks video contest!  Nearly 500 people cast their votes yesterday for our videos!  That’s awesome! Now you see what a difficult decision it was for us to choose just 20! Just as a reminder for those just joining us, over the last week […]

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Winners Announced!

Posted on 09/01/11 8 Comments

The Ultimate Dog Agility Training and Flying Your Pet e-book “bundle”  buying period has been extended until Monday night! So, if you haven’t bought go ahead click this link now. HOWEVER I did promise a draw was going to be held today and it was and so here are the two winners of our great […]

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What’s In It For You!

Posted on 08/31/11 12 Comments

Since today is the last day to grab a discounted copy of the three fundraiser e-books I thought I would give you all a little look inside. I am sure most of you are convinced to buy our “E-book Bundle” just for a chance at one of our two great prizes (access into my Inner […]

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Fundraising Going to A New Level

Posted on 08/29/11 12 Comments The 2010 & 2011 FCI Canadian Large Dog Team in their Back-On-Track Coats (Fizz, Feature, Encore & Tanafon)

As our fundraising spree winds down, the special pricing on our ebooks ends this Wednesday, August 30th, we are going out with a bang and a “splash.” The 2011 FCI Canadian Large Dog Team in their Back-On-Track Coats (Fizz Royakkers, Feature Garrett, Encore Garrett & Tanafon Waters) First the “bang.”  The big news this week […]

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What Do Dog Training And Weight Loss Have in Common?

Posted on 08/21/11 41 Comments

A few years ago I decided to try and help some of my long distance students by posting things on-line. It started with a YouTube site, then this blog, then the Newsletter, Facebook, then came the on-line classes . . . you get the picture. I makes me proud when I get the reports how […]

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