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Anti-Aging Tips for Dogs . . . Susan Garrett’s Ebook Free for the Next 5 Days!

Posted on 01/09/14 7 Comments anti_aging.jpg

Do you have a senior dog?  Do you have a young dog and would like some tips to keep him active and healthy into his senior years? Well until 13th of January, my eBook, Anti-Aging Tips for Dogs, is  FREE on Amazon! Anti–Aging Tips  provides tips and training advice to help keep your dog “forever young”. […]

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Could I Be A Dog-Loving Mentor?

Posted on 01/03/14 176 Comments IMG_2097

To some dog owners who participate in performance sports around the world I am considered a dog training “mentor.” Definition: men·tor  ˈmenˌtôr,-tər/ noun: mentor; plural noun: mentors 1. an experienced and trusted adviser. Being a mentor is an honour I take very seriously. Why would Susan Garrett be considered a mentor? Possibly because of the national or […]

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Could my two keys be your two keys?

Posted on 09/26/13 51 Comments Susan Garrett

Training a dog can be an amazingly joyful or unbelievably frustrating use of your time. What separates these two experiences is one thing and only one thing and that is your dog’s immunity to distractions. Truth. The biggest saboteur working against reaching your goals in dog training is how attracted your dog is to the […]

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Cutting Your Dog’s Nails: How Important Is it Really?

Posted on 08/19/13 136 Comments

Today I have a guest blogger by way of an impromptu video. Dr. Leslie Woodcock DVM, is a long time friend of mine (for more than 20 years). She has been our Team Canada veterinarian at most of our international events (WAO, IFCS, FCI) for the past five years.  Dr. Leslie is also the owner […]

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Rolling out a Big Adventure

Posted on 08/14/13 62 Comments

As much as we would like to prevent it, our agility dogs do grow old. As a matter of fact all dogs grow old, even if they were not once agility dogs. :) If we are lucky, our dogs will grow v-e-r-y old. But, luck isn’t the only thing that will take them there. I […]

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Your Dog Recovering From Severe Trauma . . . Is There A Baseline?

Posted on 03/21/13 94 Comments

As many of you will know my then 8 year old Border Collie “Encore” suffered a major traumatic event 3 months ago when she collapsed seizing one morning which could not be stopped. With good medical care and the outpouring of prayers from this dog community Encore survived where little hope of survival was given. […]

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Dog Training and Attention

Posted on 08/30/12 44 Comments

I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart. ~ Pope John XXIII A lot is made about “training” your dog’s eyes to look into yours when you are working together. Some schools use force to demand it, many have special “attention” classes to create it. I […]

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Contact Training For Those With No Interest in Dog Agility

Posted on 04/28/12 38 Comments

Weird eh? Why on earth would anyone who has no interest in dog agility want to know anything about how to train agility contact obstacles? To explain the reason let me share a story with you. Years ago John (my husband) used to travel to, and help me out at many of my seminars (he […]

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Improve Your Dog Training By Playing Like A Dog

Posted on 04/10/12 77 Comments

I sent out a newsletter early this morning which covers all sorts of tips on tugging with your dog. As lengthy as that newsletter ended up being, I fear I only scraped the surface of what could be written on the subject. So, here I am sharing more (but again, I still feel I am […]

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Does Your Dog Training Need a Shot of Joy?

Posted on 04/04/12 44 Comments

This week we are focusing on how to inject more joy into our dog training. I believe that all dogs start off with an innate joy to be around us. Our choices as dog trainers can either help to develop that joy, turning it into a focus for us and for work, or our choices […]

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