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More from the NW Regionals

Posted on 07/06/09 5 Comments

I hope you all received the newsletter that I sent out earlier today where I wrote about the Contact Seminar I gave out west. If not, sorry, I don’t know if I can re-send it. If you are signed up to the newsletter and you didn’t get this installment it could be that your server is bouncing it. You may want to look into web mail address (like yahoo, or gmail) and you can have it re-directed to your inbox (but please do not ask me how:)).

Lynda set up these videos from the NW Grand Prix finals so I thought I would pass them along. First is Encore’s winning run followed by Feature’s 3rd place finish. Notice that both girls got tangled up in the chute:(  When I showed John he reminded me that he hadn’t seen the chute out on for training all year. I hate it when he is right! That training stuff really does show both when you do it and when you don’t!





  1. Theresa Litourneau says:
    Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 1:45am

    Awesome runs…. Total beauty to watch . I am so honored to have attended your seminar. The proof of all you teach is right there in those runs.
    Thanks for sharing those Susan, and as many others before have said before, for sharing your knowledge and ideas with all of us.
    (not sure what all the other tweet garbage is under the runs….)


  2. Claudia says:
    Monday, July 6, 2009 at 9:15pm

    Hey! I don’t know what you guys did for this installment but FINALLY I’m getting the newsletter!! (After never getting one since I registered months ago!).Yay!!! Let’s hope it stays this way 🙂


  3. Jean says:
    Monday, July 6, 2009 at 8:20pm

    I read your first post early this morning and tried the 90 degree angle when I got to our practice field. Happy to say Bailey had no problem. but then this is a dog I can send from anywhere with “go find the weaves”. Even from another section of the field. The only credit I can take is building on the drive he was born with.

    Just got the newsletter and am eager to try the contact test tommorrow. I am guessing Bailey will do the contact (2o2o) easily. Kody, on the other hand, who has always been my velcro boy will balk. Which brings me to my question. Bailey is high drive and loves agility and lets me come along for the ride.
    Kody does agility because he likes to play with me. I do and have done a lot of target sends with him because it is the only way I know how to get him out and working away from me. At 8 years old we are the best team we can be.

    If I start another dog ( not a puppy) with a Kody- like personality should I use something other then targets? I just got your Foundation Training and am working my way through it.


  4. kellie says:
    Monday, July 6, 2009 at 8:44am

    did the newsletter really go out?? I have been on your list and got all the other ones but not this one??


    • Susan says:
      Monday, July 6, 2009 at 8:49am

      No Kellie it goes out Monday afternoon at 4:30. This post was not supposed to go out until later today!


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